Register a complaint about a domain name that is incorrectly opted out of WHOIS

The WHOIS is available to everyone and shows the domain name's registrant and their address details, as held on our register.

Some domain names may not have full details shown in the WHOIS. If a domain name is not being used for business or trade it is possible for the registrant to opt out of having their details appear in WHOIS. Further information about our opt-out policy is available:

If you believe that a domain name is incorrectly opted out of the WHOIS, for example if it is being used commercially, you can register a complaint. On receiving your complaint we will investigate the domain name and its commercial status. If we find that the domain name is incorrectly opted out we will inform the registrant who will then have 5 working days to make the appropriate amendments. If these changes are not made then we will remove the opt-out and the registrant's details will appear in the WHOIS. We do not inform the registrant of the source of the investigation and will only use your email address to inform you whether we feel your complaint is valid and whether it will be acted on.

We will not retain your details for longer than is necessary. Your details will not be passed on to any third parties (including the person to whom the complaint relates), except where we are legally obliged to do so. By submitting this complaint form you are indicating your consent to our processing your personal data in this way.

Use this form to register a complaint about a domain name that you believe is incorrectly opted out of the WHOIS