Re-establish Identity for Registrants: Overview

Re-establish identity is for when you have lost access to the administrative email address for your domain.

In the first instance we advise you to contact your registrar to update the administrative email address for your domain. Alternatively, you can use this service if you are the domain name registrant or have permission to do so.

As part of this process we will ask you to provide documentation to confirm that the request is being made by the domain name registrant.

How re-establish identity for registrants works:

  • Provide us with your details (email address, domain and any other information).
  • Pay the non-refundable administrative fee of £12.00 including VAT.
  • Submit your re-establish identity request.
Us (Nominet)
  • A Nominet advisor receives and reviews the details (usually within 1 working day).
  • We request further information from you (if needed).
  • If sufficient information has been provided then we update the email address for your domain and send you confirmation.